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North Creek Music Systems, Inc.

    Specializing in Near Wall Specific™ and Bookshelf Specific™ loudspeaker kits from North Acoustics;
    Crossover upgrades for the Apogee Stage and B&W Matrix 801 and 802;
    and the exclusive distributor of the ribbons from Fibonacci Technologies.

Near Wall Specific™ Loudspeaker Kits

North Kitty Kat™ Revelator Bookshelf Specific™ Reference Monitor
The world's first and only full range bookshelf monitor, bass to 28Hz!

North Big Kat™ Near Wall Specific™ Full Range
A beautiful full range near wall tower featuring all Scan Speak drivers.

Cabinets by Lee Taylor and Company
Loudspeaker cabinets from a master cabinet maker, like the Kitty Kat Center
Channel above, Kitty Kat at left and Big Kat below.
Cabinet and photo courtesy of Lee Taylor and Co.,



Specialty Crossover Products

North Creek Music Coil™ Custom Wound Inductors
Custom wound inductors in 14, 12, 10 and 8 gauge.

B&W Matrix 801 and 802 crossover upgrade
Bringing the most popular recording studio monitors up to date.
NEW 801 Junior and 802 Junior crossovers now available!

Crossover for the Apogee Stage
Classic Apogee sound with added dynamics and placement freedom.

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