North Creek Music Coil Inductors have been developed and optimized through an program of subjective evaluation. We have tested many wire gauges of varying purity, core dimensions and materials, manufacturers, and even different insulations. Our military grade, high-purity copper, combined with our proprietary manufacturing techniques and unique, low tension winding method yields an inductor superior to those offered by other manufacturers. North Creek is the only domestic manufacturer to use low tension winding, consistantly producing an inductor with superior low end dynamics and smoother performance than those available elsewhere. Click for COIL PRICES in .pdf.



14 Gauge

Our fourteen gauge Music Coils are designed for those circuits where a small amount of resistance is acceptable, such as midrange series inductors, or in systems where cost is of some concern. The quality of our copper allows this gauge to perform well in all but the most demanding applications. Most high end manufacturers use fourteen gauge inductors throughout their premium circuits.


12 Gauge

Our 12 AWG Music Coils are designed for high performance circuits. The large cross section of the 12 AWG wire (60% greater than 14 AWG, and 150% greater than 16 AWG) results in lower resistance and purer signal transmission. 12 AWG represents the optimum balance between performance and price, and is recommended for most series applications and high performance parallel applications.


10 Gauge and 8 Gauge

Our 10 AWG and 8 AWG Music Coils have a lower DCR than any other air core inductors on the market, providing stunning midrange purity and a bass line that is unmatched. Highly recommended for all cost-no-object applications where only the best will do. These are the ultimate air core inductors.


Made To Request

Each pair of North Creek Music Coils is precision wound to customer specifications from a single production run of copper, hand tested and matched to 1% variation. We wind every inductor to request. Please note that custom wound inductors are not returnable.


It is difficult to describe in writing the relative size of our 10 and 8 Gauge Music Coils. Suffice to say that upon first seeing inductors like these, the initial reaction is usually "Woah!" After using them for a while, even 14 gauge inductors, which are far superior to what one generally finds in commercial systems, begin to appear a little "wimpy".

We can not recommend going to a larger gauge whenever possible strongly enough. When one considers that the average woofer inductor requires 10-20 times more wire than most speaker cables (usually well over 100'), it quickly becomes apparent that the quality and gauge of the inductor wire contributes far more to woofer and midrange performance than any other element in the system. -GES


North Creek Music Coils

Coil Prices


I have to thank you for the 10 AWG coils. They allow the music to
exhibit a higher level of "realism" while providing greater bandwidth
at both ends of the spectrum they cover. I'm using realism to
connote the extra information in pitch, bandwidth, and detail that
were not there even in the 12 AWG coils! As someone who has used the
same 1st order crossover (and drivers) for 3 years now, the inclusion
of these coils represent a major upgrade.

Again, I must ask you to stop being so modest! You should have a
page on your web site for "Ultra" or "Super" crossover parts-where
you can make the case for using these inductors (as well as the
Crescendo Caps) in the best speaker crossover's.

All my best